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  • Victor Barral
    One of the best craftsmen of tambourines and Bodhran World. His more than 30 years speaks for itself. Excellence and sound quality with unique technical solutions are their hallmark and the reason that their instruments are the best. The models you see on the website are approximate, because each instrument is made by hand to order. They may not match exactly. In return we can do that you're looking for contact us!Another of his specialties are spare parts for bagpipes Fol.
  • Cajons

    All models on the market. Since drawers drawers flamingos music Pop, Rock or fusion. If you do not find the model you are looking for, maybe we have not yet risen to the web. We work with all the top brands. We also have a wide range of accessories for them. Cases, pedals, bells, etc.

  • Castanet
    The castanets or chopsticks are a musical instrument of percussion, in wood. The existence of them dates back to the Phoenicians some three thousand years ago.Thanks to trade, it was expanded by the countries of the Mediterranean, as the present-day Croatia or southern Italy; although Spain is the country that has best preserved the castanets, developing its use, being one of the most important national instrument in folk music and flamenco.
  • Cowbell
    The cowbell is used also used as percussion musical instrument. In modern times it is manufactured small bells or cowbells clapper without specific to be used as musical instruments. Are idiofonos shaken. It is- tion with wooden drumsticks specially designed for this instrument. Can be fixed on a stand and normally are manufactured in copper, steel or alloy steel. They are used in different sizes for different sounds depending on the style of music to which it is used. Whatever its size the resulting sound is undetermined.You can get four general sounds: •Pitched Sound open. •Pitched Sound closed. •Sound serious open. •Sound serious closed. To get the sounds closed there is to do some pressure on the instrument with the index fingers and heart. In contrast to produce the sounds open there is no pressing the instrument. The sound is serious practice percutiendo the instrument with the gauntlet at the widest part of the cowbell.The high pitched sound is achieved by tapping the gauntlet in the narrowest part.You can also get two sound effects: * The rebound effect: it is to touch any of the previous sounds leaving bounce the gauntlet. •The roll effect is achieved by introducing the gauntlet in the interior of the cowbell and moving it in a way that hit the walls of the instrument. The cowbells have a prominent role in the Latin American dance music.
  • Darbukas
  • DAF
    DAF Pandero fundamental characteristic and percussion Middle East, especially in Iran, Armenia, Kurdistan, Turkey, Pakistan. It is a membráfono belonging to the category of frame drums. Its construction may be patches of skin or synthetic, but both its main feature is to bring some metal rings that give it a unique sound. It is very frequently used in traditional music and Sufi teachers.
  • Djembes
    El Djembe es un instrumento de percusión perteneciente a la familia de los instrumentos Menbrafonos. Se origina en el antiguo Imperio Mandinga, aproximadamente entre la localidades de Bamako (Mailí) y Kankan(Guine), desde aquí migra posteriormente a Senegal, Costa de Marfíl y Burkina Faso, formando parte integral de la múisca y las tradiociones de la zona.Como resultado de las diferencias en la forma, la densidad de la madera, los grabados y la piel, existe una amplia gama de modelos y tonos que pueden ser emitidos por este instrumento. Golpear la piel o parche cerca del centro produce notas más graves, golpearlo cerca del borde tonos más agudos.Tradicionalmente, los Djembes tienen unos 30 cm de diámetro, con una variación aproximada de entre 2 a 10 cm. Están hechos de manera artesanal, con madera (se usa madera de Lengue, Iroko y Mahogany tradicionalmente, aunque en día se también madera como el cedro, al arce, la caoba y otras más blandas desde asía) la piel (generalmente es de cabra) aunque algunos músicos usan también de becerro para cambiar su gama de tonos. Se afinan por medio de un sistema de cuerdas resistentes, incluso a veces se usan las de alpinismo por su alta resistencia. Se entrelazan desde al aro superior en la cabeza del parche y el aro de abajo donde se sostiene.Actualmente las fábricas occidentales han inventado una gran variedad de sistemas de construcción con fibras modernas y parches sintéticos, así como modos de afinación. Son los más usados en los grupos modernos de músicas no tradicionales por su versatilidad, sonido característico, resistencia y poco peso.
  • Dum Dum
  • Efectos de Sonido
  • Guiro
  • Panderos
  • Panderetas
  • Percusión India
  • Percusión de Láminas
  • Percusión Melódica
  • Sabar
  • Shakers
  • Talking Drum
  • Tambores Tradicionales
  • Tinajas / Udu´s
  • Xequere
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