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  • Didgeridoos

    The didgeridoo, didjeridu o diyiridú, It is a wind instrument, or ancestral reed instrument used by the aborigines of Australia. It is basically a tube of wood, which is sounded when you vibrate the lips on the inside. It is assumed that it has a population of 2,000 years of existence, in accordance with the dating of some cave paintings in which appears the instrument, although aboriginal people themselves give an age of up to 40,000 years. The term didgeridoo is not of aboriginal origin; it is what they gave the Europeans in their first visits to the island. In the dozens of aboriginal dialects is a different word to designate to this instrument, as for example: yidaki, ginjungarg, eboro, djalupu, maluk, etc. The didgeridoo is closely linked to the spiritual existence of the aborigines. Its main function is to accompany a dance and a singer, serving as an instrument for accompaniment, as well as ticking to the pace of the songs.

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Zeige 1 - 15 von 15 Artikeln